Sunday, July 25, 2010


Balance. Balance is something that I often find myself thinking about, talking about. Sometimes I have conversations where the phrase, 'dude, it's just all about the balance' pops up with an annoying frequency. But what the hell is balance, and how does one go about achieving this elusive state of being?

Well. Lately I've been likening balance to sasquatch. Maybe this is because I now live in the Northwest, where things like this happen, and foundations like this exist. The thing is, some people believe in balance, and some don't. But, sort of like sasquatch and politics, even if you don't believe in balance, it believes in you. Live in denial or mess around with it for too long, and you may find yourself getting lamblasted. (Note, if you haven't already, the word choice of 'lamblast.' Interestingly, this word does not exist in many dictionaries. The "correct" word is 'lambaste.' It is my non-professional opinion that people have began using the word 'lamblast,' because it sounds so much like the definition, and is, in a word, rad. Sort of like onamonapia. But I digress).

Let's say that balance can be roughly defined as 'a state of equilibrium,' as offered up by any number of dictionaries. Let's also say that balance can exist in a number of spheres: the physical, social, and emotional are wide, broad brush-strokes. Biking to the grocery store, conversation with friends at a local pub, and enjoying a warm, sunny day are the details. As it happens, flying over your handlebars into the bed of a parked pickup truck (believe it or not, this actually happened to a friend of mine), getting drunk and hogging all the conversation, and spending that entire sunny day depressed about your life are also distinct possibilities. When you lose your balance, things can go haywire pretty quickly. Ask BP.

The biggest ways that I see the need for balance (mostly when it's not present!) in my own life are in the physical and social realms, although those easily transcend to affect all other aspects of my life. In other words, I need enough time spent being active, and enough rest. I also need enough time to myself, and time spent socially with friends. Invariably, if I don't pay attention to these needs, I end up looking like this guy, if only metaphorically.

So, here's to the ever-elusive, ever-desirable, and only abstractly-definable state of balance. Talk about it, be about it, think about it, but when you do get lamblasted by it, call me, and we'll just laugh about it. Preferably over a pint of beer.


  1. So speaking of things that are rad, you having a blog is totally on my list. The yogi in me is right with you on the balance front... and you're right, that t-shirt is pretty fantastic. :)

    The quote I use on my blog is from a letter my grandfather wrote me when I was 11. He was a pretty inspiring dude. I'm glad his words played a small part in encouraging you to do this, and I look forward to reading your words here.

  2. Dead on bro. Dead on. Balance is the ever elusive state to find sabbath. We understand what it means....but we don't understand what it MEANS. Its tough. Props on tackling the idea. Keep pushing through and seeking it out.

    Live the questions...

  3. At least your friend had the good sense to go over the handlebars and land on something other than a rock:-) I've been thinking about the same thing all summer, and I'm starting to wonder if we are capable of achieving balance on our own. If I'm in my own life, and I'm the one directing my search for balance, won't I always be swinging back and forth depending on the circumstances of my life? That's what I've been struggling with all summer. Maybe that's the role of community - to be both inside and outside our lives, helping us achieve balance before we get lamblasted. Good stuff man.

    Oh, the pint of beer invite is always open - problem is, you gotta come to the East Coast to get it. Take it easy.

  4. Karyn -
    I love that your related to the person that came up with that quote! RAD :)
    Nick -
    Mad love for you and your blog, which I have thus far been unable to comment on. Livin' the questions brother, I think that's all we can do.
    Sam -
    Ha, yes well, I guess rocks sometimes lead to ruptured kidneys - and important life lessons! I think your right, that community is important in balance...I guess there are so many spheres to define balance within, and I only talked about a few here...On the east coast note, I'll be in Baltimore for at least to brief periods when I fly in and out for a wedding in about a week and a half. Maybe we can tackle that beer then.
    For some reason, I feel like this comment might actually be posted (I have, as of yet, been completely unable to post comments. Yay for the techno-illiterates). Sometimes you just have to believe.