Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shaw Mountain

Incredible run up Shaw Mt.  I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of a trail, and my suspicions were met when I hit a completely overgrown dead-end about a half-mile up the trail that supposedly led part-way up the mountain.  However, on a whim I started up a trail that wasn't listed on the map, and amazingly, it was all snow-powdered and evergreen-chuted goodness that led to the top of Shaw with incredible views of the valley I had just run through, the surrounding mountains, and (on a clearer day than this) Katahdin off in the distance.  So much for maps...apparently random trails are where it's at. 

Looks like this will be my 'local' mountain run.  Having just recently moved away from some pretty great winter trails a bit further south, it is nice to find some gnar up north as well.  Plus, living within spitting distance of Katahdin (if you are a damn good spitter) is never a bad thing.

Shaw Mt Road

Clouds breaking over Baker Mt

Lil' Spencer, Big Spencer

Shaw Mt. Road x2

I pity the fool.

Not the greatest pic (my camera died about where near the top!) but I happen to live at the end of that snowy road twisting off into the distance.  Not bad.

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